⚖️ Policies ⚖️


The Sharing Opens Science platform is not for anonymous communication. Therefore, users have to use their name to identify themselves; usernames can be chosen freely, but users have to specify their full names (first and last name) in their profile in MatterMost (click the button to the right of the cog in the top-right corner; the in the menu that opens, click ‘Profile’).

Users who do not identify themselves will be asked to do so in a DM, and if they do not respond, their accounts may be deactivated.

Channel names

Channel names always have to start with the team name, followed by a colon, a space, and the channel name (“Teamname: channel name”), for example: “EXPLICATE: general”, “EXPLICATE: politics and power”, “SIPS: Announcements”, and “Quala Lab: Open Qualitative Methods Textbook”.